GLITSS Annual Conference

The general purpose of the Annual GLITSS Conferences revolves around addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by illicit trade in the context of globalisation. These conferences aim to foster a comprehensive understanding of illicit trade’s impact on global security, economic sustainability, and social well-being. The GLITSS Conference is open to both participants and presenters. The paper presentation proposals are reviewed by the GLITSS Core Group, and they are also considered for publication in edited volumes planned to be published within the scope of this COST Action. 

The First Annual GLITSS Conference was our COST Action’s Kick-Off Conference, which took place on 23 May 2023 at Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus, in Skopje, North Macedonia. It covered a broad spectrum of issues related to illicit trade, including human trafficking, the evasion of international sanctions, wildlife and energy trade, and innovative responses to combat these issues. Advanced discussions also addressed technological approaches for detecting illicit activities and the behavioural dynamics of illicit product consumers.

The second annual GLITSS conference titled “The Unseen And Far-Reaching Consequences Of Illicit Trade In Times Of War And Beyond” takes place on 16 May 2024 at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo (LINK TO EVENT). While focusing on the consequences of illicit trade, it delves into the intricate repercussions of illicit trade on contemporary societies within the European and global context. Illicit trade, encompassing activities such as counterfeiting, smuggling, and trafficking, extends beyond mere economic and legal concerns to pose significant security, safety and sustainability challenges. It enables security threats to materialize, such as natural-resource-fueled conflicts and terrorism. It presents safety hazards, such as those created by counterfeit medicines and drugs. It threatens the sustainability of our societies by consuming excessive planetary resources and undermining the regulated functioning of international markets. Yet, despite this apparent objective relevance, the discussion on illicit trade remains compartmentalized within disciplinary boundaries. Bringing together experts, policymakers, academics, and industry stakeholders, the conference explores the complex interplay between illicit trade and its multifaceted threats to security, safety, and sustainability.

The third annual GLITSS conference will take place in 2025 and will focus on the causes of illicit trade. This event aims to shed light on the multifaceted reasons behind the persistence and growth of illicit trade in the context of globalisation, including globalisation, migrations, weak legal frameworks, corruption, conflicts and instability.

The fourth annual GLITSS conference scheduled for 2026 will focus on the responses to illicit trade. This conference aims to explore and evaluate various strategies and responses that governments, international organizations, private sectors, and civil society have developed and implemented to combat illicit trade. These include strengthening international cooperation in combating illicit trade, enhancing legal and regulatory frameworks, leveraging technology and innovation, capacity building, consumer awareness and education.

Do you want to host the 2025 or 2026 GLITSS Annual Conference?

Please send your expression of interest to with a short explanation of the capacity and availability of your institutions’ rooms in the Spring of 2025 and 2026, respectively.

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