WG4: Data-driven Approaches for Illicit Trade Detection



Bernuolli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Nijneborgh 9 Netherlands 9747AG Groningen

Guru Swaroop Bennabhaktula

Deputy Leader

University of Groningen
Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer science, and Artificial intelligence

This WG aims to foster collaboration and generate innovative ideas for detecting and preventing illicit trade through data-driven approaches. Illicit trade presents challenges to global sustainability and security, and traditional methods struggle to keep up. Leveraging data science and advanced analytics, such as deep/machine learning, holds promise in combating these activities. The group brings together experts from academia, industry, and governmental organizations, promoting collaboration and idea generation. It seeks to lay the groundwork for practical solutions by identifying research gaps, sharing best practices, and exploring funding opportunities. Ultimately, the goal is to advance knowledge, inform policies, and develop effective countermeasures, contributing to global sustainability and security.

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