GLITSS Governance

A COST Action is an interdisciplinary research network that brings researchers and innovators together to investigate a topic of their choice for 4 years. COST Actions are typically made up of researchers from academia, SMEs, public institutions and other relevant organisations or interested parties. 

Open to all science and technology fields, including new and emerging fields; COST Actions offer an inclusive, pan-European environment for individuals of all levels of seniority to grow their professional research networks and boost their careers.

Working Groups

Working Groups perform the tasks required to fulfil the objectives of the network’s project plan, as described in their Memorandum of Understanding (can put a link to memorandum behind this word). To participate as a Working Group member, contact the Action’s Chair or the Management Committee member(s) from your country to discuss your potential contribution.

Management Commmittee

The Management Committee (MC) is responsible for the coordination, implementation and management of an Action. For each Action, up to 2 representatives per COST Member Country can be nominated to be in the MC. To participate as an MC member, please contact the COST National Coordinator (CNC) of your country.

We especially encourage applications to the MC from Armenia, Georgia, Denmark, Luxembourg and Norway!

Core Group

A Core Group (CG) typically consists of the COST Action Chair, Vice Chair, Working Group Leaders (and Vice Leaders), Grant Coordinator, Communication Coordinator and other key leadership positions within the COST Action deemed necessary by the Action MC. Whenever issues arise, which can directly impact the Work and Budget Plan and are not in the mandate of the Core Group, or for any other key decision regarding the COST Action’s management, the Core Group must first consult with the Action MC and by no means must decide exclusively.

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