WG3: Responses to illicit trade

Prof Stefano CANEPPELE


University of Lausanne
UNIL-Batochime Switzerland 1015 Lausanne

Luca Tosi Rodriguez

Deputy Leader

Université de Lausanne

Francesca Finelli

Deputy Leader

University of Luxembourg

Jaroslav Dorak

Deputy Leader

Klaipeda University

Sonia Quiroga

Deputy Leader

Universidad Complutense De Madrid

This WG will work to explore ideal ways to counter illicit trade practices. It will focus on the role of regulatory enforcement agencies, of the police and of other law enforcement agencies, but also on other aspects such as the role of legal frameworks in determining illicit trade practices as well as socio- economic determinants of the phenomenon. This WG will focus on best responses to the manifold challenges posed by illicit trade issues: enforcement, legalisation, alternative measures and so on. This WG will strive to understand, evaluate and improve such responses, from reviewing the capabilities of international and European law to examining the coordination between different law-enforcement agencies.

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