Laurena Kalaja

2023, 2024

Short-Term Scientific Mission: Overcoming barriers to the effective investigation and prosecution of Illicit Trade and drug trafficking in the United Kingdom and Albania. A comparative analysis.

During her STSM at Durham Law School, Durham University, Laurena Kalaja worked under the guidance of Associate Prof. Gemma Davies In that period she utilised resources from the University’s library, participated in a workshop with various lawyers and criminologists and engaged in various fruitful discussions with academics from the University. Additionally, several lectures on the same topic as the STSM were attended in the second week, providing opportunities to discuss the goals and missions of the Cost Action initiative.

Overall, the STSM proved to be a valuable experience, enabling Laurena Kalaja to delve into the subject matter, establish collaborative connections, and contribute meaningfully to the objectives of the Cost Action.


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